Eezikleen Introduction

Eezikleen provides a single source for a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions to suit your industry. Whether you need a heavy-duty wipe to clean machinery, a high-tech wipe for electrical or laboratory equipment, or you just want to correctly prepare metalwork for a clean weld, Eezikleen has the product for you.

Eezikleen also supplies handwipes for fast anti-bacterial cleaning without the need for water.

Eezikleen products have a wide range of applications including:

  • Heavy industrial cleaning of most machinery
  • Cleaning of tooling and die form tools
  • Preparation of stainless steel, titanium and other exotic metals
  • Preparation of weld joints in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Cleaning of glass, porcelain, electrical parts and skin
  • Removal of tar, inks, grease oil, adhesives and many more unwanted impurities
  • Removal of nail varnish or super glue
eezikleen products