Quick Purge Pipe Purging Systems

Quick Purge Pipe Purging Systems

Developed specifically for high speed welding of Liquid Nitrogen Gas (LNG) pipe work and pipe lines at Gas Supply Terminals, LNG Regasification Terminals, Gas Compressor Stations and LNG Carriers, the Argweld® Quick Purge System has in addition found use in a wide number of other large diameter Pipe Work Systems around the world.

Argweld® Quick Purge Pipe Welding Systems are used for high quality, reliable welding of stainless steel tube and pipe joints to ensure a very fast weld purge time and a very high quality weld root, free from oxidation, discolouration and coking.

Weld quality with Argweld® Quick Purge Systems has even allowed many operators to reduce or even eliminate the number of Golden Welds (Repair Welds) on major contracts. Argweld® Quick Purge Systems will typically purge 36" pipe diameters to below 0.1% oxygen in less than 10 minutes and all smaller pipes, correspondingly faster.


Each Quick Purge system is covered with heat protective material on the inside, so that the high temperatures at close proximity to the weld do not damage the devices.

Three hoses are available, one for argon inflation and purge, the second for auxiliary purge and the third for gas exhaust via an Argweld® Weld Purge Monitor.


The system is connected to an argon hose and inserted into the pipe to be welded.

Argweld® Quick Purge - Pipe Purging Systems

The spinal connection hose is short to keep the purged volume to a minimum.

The majority of the pipe volume between the two dams, is filled with a special heat resisting collar, to keep the purge time low, and the quantity of Argon gas used to a minimum. After positioning the system, the argon source is opened, the dams inflated to size and the interspace purged.

After a few seconds, the auxiliary purge line can be opened to ensure the fastest possible purge time. In actual use on many sites around the world these devices have performed a high number of high speed welds under these conditions.

Companies needing to make Golden Welds, can use HFT Pipestoppers inflatable pipe plugs that can be inserted through small holes and placed either side of the weld to be made for high quality purging purposes.

Before welding can begin using an inert gas, it is essential to know that the oxygen content at the weld area has been reduced to a satisfactory low level.

The Argweld® Purge Monitor MKV is specifically designed to measure oxygen content down to 0.01% with a high degree of accuracy.

An oxygen content of below 0.1% is normally considered suitable to ensure that there is no oxidation of the weld, although there may be some exceptions to this when welding materials such as titanium and zirconium.

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