Tungsten Grinders

Tungsten Grinders

TIG welding requires tungsten electrodes with perfectly ground and polished tips. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques TEG-3 provides these, time-after-time, to exactly the same size and shape at low cost.

The diamond wheel grinds the tungstens longitudinally. This prevents arc flicker or wander caused by circumferential lines or ridges found on electrodes which have been ground incorrectly.

With tungsten electrodes ground and polished, mechanised welding can produce identical, repeatable results every time. With manual welding the shape of the tungsten is just as important.

With a correctly-shaped tip, the arc can be precisely positioned with none of the preferential arcing experienced when using poorly shaped manually ground tips.

Key features

The use of the TEG-3 grinder will give exactly the same tungsten points every time, enabling consistent repeatable arc performance and welding results.

Axial grinding

By grinding the points longitudinally, the TEG-3 eliminates arc flicker or wander.

Any sizes

Sizes from 1.6mm to 4mm can be ground as standard. Any other sizes can be catered for on request.

Low cost

The grinder has been purpose designed and manufactured for the job. The cost saved in grinding wheels alone can provide rapid payback on the small outlay required to purchase this grinder.

Prolonged Tungsten Life

Savings because of the increased life of properly ground tungsten electrodes can be achieved. With the special collet accessory, shorter tungstens can be held, significantly increasing the length of life of each tungsten before it is discarded.

Forgeweld now supply a new acuum dust extraction unit for the TEG-3 which has been designed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd.

No airlines or extra power sources are needed as the unit relies on vacuum suction that is powered from a single power source, provided by either a 110v or 220v motor that also turns the grinding wheel. Hazardous dust is easily collected and can be disposed of safely.

The unit uses a self contained 5-7 micron filter that can be easily maintained and changed by the owner/user at the end of its shelf life, roughly 150hrs. The vacuum unit is expected to remove 100% of the dust exhausted from the grinding wheel area. Because the new version does not have an external airline fitted it becomes more manoeuverable around the fabrication shop.

All existing TEG-3 Tungsten Grinders with the old extraction accessory unit can be retrofitted with this new vacuum system.


Multi-Strike tungsten electrodes are the only fully traceable tungstens available. Many of our customers report that they perform better than other types of electrodes for the majority of TIG and plasma applications.

Multi-Strikes are thoria free and environmentally friendly. When used in automatic and manual welding processes, operators experience less down time and can achieve full weld penetration with less heat input and up to ten times greater arc striking before re-grinding is necessary.

New Multi-StrikeTM tungstens work just as well on DC welding of steels as well as AC Welding of Aluminium. They perform much better than Zirconiated tungstens and last longer.

One Multi-Strike tungsten does all TIG and Plasma welding.

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