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Forgeweld supply a range of products from Metal Joining. Metal Joining, part of the Precious Metal Products Division of Johnson Matthey, is a global supplier of brazing filler metals, solders and fluxes. Metal Joining also supply industrial silver and base metal products such as electrical contact materials.

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Silver Brazing Filler Materials
  • Silver-floTM cadmium free
  • Easy-floTM cadmium bearing
  • Argo-brazeTM special applications
  • Brazing Fluxes

Copper-Phos Brazing Filler Metals
  • Sil-fosTM silver copper phosphorus
  • Copper-floTM copper phosphorus

Precious Metal Bearing Brazing Filler Metals
  • OrobrazeTM gold based
  • PallabrazeTM palladium based
  • Other precious metal

Base Metal Brazing Filler Metals
  • ArgentelTM, BronzeTM copper based
  • HTN NickelbrazeTM nickel based
  • Lu-floTM aluminium based
  • Ti-floTM - Titanium filler metals
Special Brazing Filler Materials
  • Brazing and soldering pastes
  • Jewellery solders and fluxes
  • ActivebrazeTM - active filler metals
  • Miscellaneous brazing products

Soldering Materials
  • Soft solder alloys (Industrial)
  • Soft solder fluxes

Silver and Base Metal Products
  • Silver products
  • Electrical contact materials
  • Resistance welding materials
  • High-density tungsten materials

Other products
  • New Products
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Precious Metal Plating Materials

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