Forgeweld FCW4

Forgeweld FW4 D 37-G

Metal Inert Gas (MIG)

Special tool steel Iron base alloy designed to refurbish dies in the automobile industry.

Suitable for
Punching tools, forming tools, dies.

Typical Chemical Analysis

  C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo Fe
All Weld 0.20 0.6 0.2 9.1 1.5 2.4 Bal.

Typical Mechanical Properties

Hardness as welded: 45 HRc.

General Characteristics

  • Microstructure
  • Machineability
  • Oxt-acetylene cutting
  • Deposit thickness
  • Shielding gas: Argon 98% + Oxygen 2% or Argin 82% + CO2 18%
  • Metal cored

Welding Parameters & Economical Data

Diameter (mm) Current (A) Voltage (V) Stock-Out (mm) Gas Rate (l/min) Article Code Packaging
1.2 200-300 25-31 20 max 12-15 NA Spool 15kg
1.6 250-450 25-31 20 max 15-18 NA Spool 15kg

Forgeweld Consumables

Manual Metal Arc (MMA)
A range of MMA electrodes designed for ease of use in the forging industry.

Products ranging from Gouging Electrodes for weld preparation of dies and crack removals to Iron Nickel and Cobolt materials.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG)
Wires designed and extensively used for repairs to complete Flood Welding of blocks from 10kg to 10 tonnes in weight.

Flux Cored, Metal Cored and Solid Wires to suit all requirements.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
A comprehensive array of TIG wires for intricate repairs, Flash Line Reclaims, Clip Tools, Punches, Small GFM Tools and Machine Shop Repairs to name but a few.

Suppliers of Specialist Welding Consumables, Equipment and Associated Products