Forgeweld E590

Forgeweld E590

Manual Metal Arc (MMA)

An electrode specially designed for cutting, gouging and piercing operations on all metals without the use of air or oxygen. The force of the arc sears the metal surfaces leaving them clean prior to subsequent welding operations. Applications include any ferrous or non-ferrous materials typically, armour plate, cast iron, stainless steel and hardenable steels.

Easy to use with little skill required. Operates at lower current and produces less fume than would normally be expected from an electrode of this type. Smooth and even grooves are easily produced.

The electrodes are ideal for back gouging of butt welded seams and almost indispensable for the preparation of cast iron.

Forgeweld Consumables

Manual Metal Arc (MMA)
A range of MMA electrodes designed for ease of use in the forging industry.

Products ranging from Gouging Electrodes for weld preparation of dies and crack removals to Iron Nickel and Cobolt materials.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG)
Wires designed and extensively used for repairs to complete Flood Welding of blocks from 10kg to 10 tonnes in weight.

Flux Cored, Metal Cored and Solid Wires to suit all requirements.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
A comprehensive array of TIG wires for intricate repairs, Flash Line Reclaims, Clip Tools, Punches, Small GFM Tools and Machine Shop Repairs to name but a few.

Suppliers of Specialist Welding Consumables, Equipment and Associated Products