Purging Products

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited is the world's premier manufacturer of:

  • Weld Purging Equipment for Stainless Steel & Titanium
  • Tungsten Electrode Grinders
  • Tungsten Welding Electrodes
  • Resistance Welder Electrode Force Gauges
  • Nylon, Aluminium & Steel Pipe Plugs and
  • Inflatable Stoppers

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Huntingdon Fusion

Argweld Products
Purge Systems 2”-6”
Purge Systems 8”+
Heat Resistant
Quick Purge
Mkv Weld Purge Monitor
Titanium Weld Purge Monitor
Water Soluble Purge Film
Trailing Shields
Flexible Welding Enclosures

TechweldTM Range
Tungsten Electrode Grinder
Multi StrikeTM Tungstens

TestweldTM Range
Resistance Welder Electrode Force Gauges
Electronic Gauge
Robot Force Gauge

Nylon Plugs
Aluminium Plugs
Steel Plugs
Inflatable Pipestoppers
Qwik FreezeTM Pipe Freezing Systems

Suppliers of Specialist Welding Consumables, Equipment and Associated Products