Welding Training

Welding Training

Welder Training Qualification and Testing Service

On site Welder and Testing Service (EN 287, ASME IX, CAA, FIA & BS 4872.) All materials and processes covered including: Manual and Automatic, Orbital and Manual TIG, Submerged Arc, Flux Core and MMA. Tailor made training courses to suit your needs following free on site assessment. Health and Safety and Welding Theory are also included as part of the welding training/testing.

Welding Consultancy Service

Welding and Heat Treatment Procedures - written and altered to the appropriate or client nominated standard such as EN-ASME, advice on techniques, joint design, welding trouble shooting service and failure investigation. Plant and Consumables advice supply. Advice and support to assist in correct selection for the type of work in hand.

Welding Labour Recruitment Service

Welding Labour Recruitment Service - assessment and support - working with companies and foreign labour agencies to select appropriate welders for employment, giving targeted welding requirements, liaison with clients and follow up site support. Welders Labour supply as a "Finders Service" from our welding contacts.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Training Course

Oxy fuel safety training focuses on the safe use of oxy-fuel equipment in line with British Compressed Gas Association of Practice Requirements. A number of courses are available focusing on Compressed Gas Cylinder Training.

NVQ Assessment and Verification

NVQ A1 and V1 Service - Assessment and Internal Verification Service for Welding Supervision and Management NVQ Qualifications covering a wide range of disciplines.

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